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Shepherd's Purse Little Heart Ring - Silver

Shepherd's Purse Little Heart Ring - Silver

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A rustic silver ring inspired by the lovely Shepherd's Purse.

The shepherd's purse was once commonly called "mother's heart". This may refer to an ancient game played in England and Germany where a child would be asked to pick one of the seedpods. When they break the seedpods, the child would be told they have broken their mother's heart.

This silver ring mimics an imprint fossil of the seedpod or the flower, and the mother's heart will never be broken.

• Handmade sterling silver ring

• Head of the ring: Diameter 0.7 cm / 0.27″

• Made to order
• Ready for dispatch in 5 - 10 working days

Please make sure you choose the correct ring size. I recommend purchasing my ring sizer here. Alterations to the rings are subject to a small charge, and you will need to cover the postage (and duties if outside the UK) both ways.

✧ Handmade in the UK ✧

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