About Aisling

Aisling Chou jewellery is inspired by childhood daydreams, the ever-evolving mother nature, minimalist geometric shapes and the wonders of the celestial bodies in unexplored galaxies. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted by Aisling Chou in her workshop in northern England.

About me

I'm Aisling, a jewellery designer maker and metalsmith. Aisling Chou Studio was founded in 2016 after I finished my BA Jewellery and Metalsmithing course and moved to Manchester, UK. However, jewellery-making has been my passion for over a decade. 

Where it started

I experimented with various materials over the years, and iridescent paper is one of my favourites. As a child, I was always captivated by brightly coloured sweet wrappers. Especially the ones that reflect the full spectrum of colours when looked at from different angles. I would stare at them, see the world through them and let my imagination fly. The sweet wrappers inspired my very first collection, Lucid Dream, a tribute to my childhood daydreams.

Handcrafted in England

All the pieces are handmade with traditional and modern jewellery-making and metalsmithing techniques. With the help of my casting partner, my designs in hand-carved wax moulds transform into precious metals. Then they will be hand-finished in my workshop. All the materials I use are conscientiously sourced from local suppliers.