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Nebula Small Drop Earrings - Aurora

Nebula Small Drop Earrings - Aurora

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This pair of Small Drop Earrings are inspired by the colours of the aurora - northern lights.

The brilliance of the aurora’s luminous glow is captured in the minimalistic statement stud earrings. The unique iridescent glistening reflects the mystical lights in our Earth’s polar atmospheres.

• Acrylic & iridescent paper disc embedded in a sterling silver bezel
• Please note that each piece is unique and will vary in pattern
• The pendant changes colour under different lights

• Silver fitting with a handmade acrylic
• These are very small pendants: 7 mm × 17 mm / 0.28″ × 0.67″

• Made to order
• Ready for dispatch in 5 - 10 working days: Due to the current high demand and the complex nature of the crafting process.

✧ Handcrafted in Manchester, UK ✧

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