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My Deer Necklace - Silvan - Silver

My Deer Necklace - Silvan - Silver

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Nestled in the enchanting whispers of the forest, Silvan is a necklace that mirrors the unexpected beauty found in nature. Its design, an unplanned marvel, features a texture reminiscent of tree bark, a gentle nod to the woodlands. This silver antler necklace is not just an accessory, but a testament to nature's spontaneous artistry. It encourages wearers to find strength and resilience, akin to the enduring presence of trees, and to journey through life with the curiosity and grace of the wilderness. The antler motif, symbolic of growth and renewal, is elegantly captured, reflecting the soul of the forest in every detail.

Also available in gold, please email for a quote.

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🌟 [Features]
• Captures the essence of the forest with its tree bark-inspired texture
• 925 sterling silver handmade antler pendant
• 925 sterling silver cable/trace chain

📐 [Measurements]
• Pendant size: 4 cm × 2 cm / 1.6″ × 0.8″

✧ Handcrafted in Manchester, UK ✧

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