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Silver Lining Cloud Stud Earrings - Silver

Silver Lining Cloud Stud Earrings - Silver

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Born from my cloud gazings, these lazy Silver Lining Cloud Stud Earrings like to stay attached to the wearer’s earlobes. Sometimes hide behind locks of hair. When light reflects off the brushed sterling silver surface, it looks like a silver lining.

There is something uplifting in finding comfort in gloomy weather: a good book, a cup of tea and rain ticking on the window. Fluffy cloud formations slowly floating through the sky are a sight England is familiar with, which inspired this collection.

• Sterling silver handmade stud earrings
• This listing is for a pair of earrings

• Pendant size: 1 cm × 1.3 cm / 0.4″ × 0.5″

• Made to order
• Ready for dispatch in 3 - 5 working days

✧ Handcrafted in Manchester, UK ✧

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